About Us



Jim Carter & Jim Schmeltzer Owners

Jim S is the one who figures out which contractor to call when things need fixed!
Jim C handles the day-to-day financial operations.
He is responsible for keeping the lights on. (and the hot tub if you live in the Berteau building!)

Our Best Workers

Spreadsheet Wizard

Max Spreadsheet Wizard

Max is Jim C's assistant and can be found following at Jim's feet whener Jim is home. With all of the time that Max spends watching Jim C working with spreadsheets, we are looking to hire Max out as an Microsoft Excel trainer!
Middle Management

Sammie Middle Management

Sammie is the best middle manager in that she is completely invisible until she sees something that interests her. She then pounces to make sure you know that she is there and you complete the task to her liking! Sammie is always watching and always vigilant.

ViVi Intern

Vivi came to us in 2016 and is becoming a more trusted part of our community every day. Like many young interns she has lots of energy and sometimes wants to please too much. She is learning how to be a good part of the neighborhood as well as the family.